Deadwood removal

Deadwood Removal

Our Deadwood Removal Services

Here at Dorset Arborists, we provide deadwood removal services to homeowners and commercial properties in Dorset and the surrounding areas. We can remove any deadwood from your trees, no matter how high up or difficult to access it may be. Deadwood is a natural part of tree growth, but it can become a problem if left to grow unchecked.

It is important that you keep your tree healthy by removing deadwood regularly so that it does not become an issue later down the line. Our clients know that they can trust us entirely when it comes to carrying out any kind of tree care work because we always deliver an excellent standard of service at all times.

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Deadwooding is the process of removing or treating tree branches that are dead, dying or damaged. It is an important part of tree maintenance because it helps prevent infestation and disease and therefore ensures your trees and shrubs have the ability to remain healthy and flourish. 

Deadwooding is essentially a form of pruning and often the branches that need removing can be in hard-to-reach and complicated areas which may be dangerous, so we always recommend that a qualified tree surgeon carries out the work at hand. 

What causes Deadwood?

Deadwood can be caused by a number of different reasons. The most common are: 

  • Fungal diseases
  • Storm damage
  • Damage from animals
  • Insufficient light

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Why the Removal of Deadwood is Important

As briefly touched upon above, deadwood removal is an essential part of tree care for a number of reasons. Let’s discuss these in more detail:

  • Increased safety – the removal of deadwood is incredibly important for safety. Whether you’re a homeowner with a large tree in your garden or a commercial landowner with a wide range of trees, any dead branches must be removed in order to prevent the risk of one falling and potentially causing a fatal accident. 
  • Prevent pest infestation: deadwood is a breeding ground for all kinds of pests and fungi. In order to prevent this and reduce the chance of other parts of the tree rotting, it’s important to get rid of the unwanted branches as soon as possible.
  • Aesthetics: nothing makes a tree look worse than lots of dead branches. And do you really want that in your garden? Of course not! Removing any dead branches and pruning your tree can transform its entire look of it.
large dead tree stump

How do you tell if a tree is rotten inside?

The most common signs a tree is rotten inside are: 

  • Damaged, cracked or holes in the bark
  • Crumbling or peeling bark
  • Dead branches
  • Leaf issues such as discolouration
  • Visible fungi growth such as mushrooms
  • Soft sections on the tree

Can a dead tree affect other trees?

Yes, a dead tree can affect other trees. In fact, if a tree is dead due to disease, it’s likely that this can spread to other trees and cause infection. There’s actually a disease called Powdery Mildew, which is highly contagious and can spread from tree to tree. 

If this is the case, you will need to seek help from a qualified arborist to ensure all infected branches have been removed correctly.

More than just Dead Wood Removal

If you’re looking for a tree surgeon in Dorset, look no further than Dorset Arborists.

We are experts in removing deadwood from your trees, but we also offer a range of other services such as hedge cutting, crown neatening, pollarding, stump removal, tree felling and emergency call-outs. 

All our tree surgeons at Dorset Arborists are NPTC qualified and have years of experience in the industry.

We are a family-owned and operated company based in Poole and have been serving the local Dorset community for many years. 

Working with both domestic and commercial clients, we can guarantee you a simple, honest and affordable service.

We always promise to never pressure our customers into unnecessary services and aim to provide accurate information 100% of the time. 

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Are you tired of looking at your deadwood? Do you need help removing it?

Consider Dorset Arborists. We offer a variety of services, including deadwood removal, tree stump removal, pruning and much more. We’ve been in business for many years and we’ve got the experience and know-how to get the job done right.

We understand that when you’re dealing with a tree in your garden, it’s not just about getting rid of the deadwood—it’s also about keeping your garden healthy and beautiful.

That’s why we do more than just remove trees—we help you care for your trees so that they can grow healthy and strong.

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