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If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient tree stump removal service in Dorset then you’ve come to the right place. At Dorset Arborists, we are a family-run tree surgery company based in Poole who are committed to providing you with the best arboricultural services possible. 

We know all too well how unsightly and annoying those pesky tree stumps can be. When looking for a professional tree stump removal specialist, it’s important to use one you can rely on. That’s why all our staff at Dorset Arborists are NTPC qualified and have years of experience in the arboricultural and landscaping industry. In fact, we even have a sister company that deals with gardening and landscaping. 

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Benefits of Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps are more of a nuisance than you think. In fact, did you know that not only are tree stumps annoying and ugly, but when left untreated, they can actually be harmful to your home and garden?

Let’s look at some of the ways tree stumps can be harmful to your property and why we recommend you get your stumps removed as soon as possible. 

  • Improves safety – Stumps can pose serious safety concerns, from tripping hazards to lawn damage. Let our team remove the danger while restoring your garden to flawless condition.
  • Prevent pests and disease – Tree stumps can take years to decompose. They attract a plethora of pests, and they’re just plain messy. We’ll grind them down and haul the wood away, so you don’t have to worry about any of it ever again.
  • Improves garden aesthetics – Old and rotten tree stumps just make your garden look untidy. Use our tree stump removal service to ensure your garden always looks pristine. 
  • Free-up space – Getting rid of your tree stumps will free up some extra space in your garden.
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Stump Grinding

If you’re looking for a less intrusive way to remove your tree stumps, then our stump grinding service is the perfect solution. Stump grinding is very efficient and is a much less damaging process compared to stump removal.

We’ll shred your stump down into small woodchips and then dispose of them in quickly and efficiently, or you can use them as mulch for other plants.

The main downside with stump grinding is the tree’s roots will still be left behind, quite often a few feet underground which makes them difficult to remove.

However, after grinding the roots will naturally decay although it is a very long process before they completely break down. Let our specialist tree surgeons at Dorset Arborists take care of your stump grinding needs today. 

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Stump Removal FAQ’s

If you’d prefer to tackle those pesky tree stumps yourself rather than hire an expert, then there are a few ways you can try. Check out some of these home remedies below that are supposed to be effective in stump removal.

  • Epsom salt –  For a cheap and easy way to kill tree trunks, try this out: mix Epsom salt with water in a bucket and then dump the mixture on your stump. The magnesium and sulfur in the Epsom salt will poison the stump and speed up the decaying process. It’s not exactly recommended though, as it can be harmful to other plants nearby if you overdose on your stump.
  • Plastic bag or tarp – One of the easiest ways to get rid of a tree stump is to ensure it’s always kept in the darkness. Removing any sunlight will speed up the decomposition process. You can do this by simply putting a plastic bag or tarp over the stump which will force it to rot. 
  • Boiling water – You can use boiling water to speed up the natural decomposition process by drilling holes in the stump to expose as many roots as possible.
  • Dig it out – Digging the tree stump is an effective method, but it involves quite a lot of elbow grease and could potentially cause harm to other elements in your garden. 
  • Hire an expert – Of course, the best way to get rid of a tree stump is to hire a professional. At Dorset Arborists, we have all the skills, experience and machinery to safely and effectively get rid of your tree stumps in no time at all.

It’s difficult to answer this question because it truly depends on a number of factors. For example, grinding a small tree stump takes mere minutes, but larger stumps may take all day depending on the hardness of the wood. 

It all depends on which tree we are working with, as some are thicker and larger than others.

Grinding a tree is a term referring to tree stump removal. This is a process used by professional tree surgeons to remove old tree stumps. A stump grinder is used to remove the stump without damaging any roots.

The benefit of using a stump grinder is you can choose how much you’d like to take off. Stump grinding is usually the preferred method of stump removal because it is far less intrusive to the rest of your garden, but not the best option if you want rid of your stump completely. 

Stump removal is usually more expensive than stump grinding because it is a far bigger job. Grinding can often be a quick process and won’t require anything in the way of root removal. 

Complete stump removal on the other hand can be a complicated, arduous and time-consuming process as it will also involve removing the entire root system below so the stump cannot grow back.

Why Choose Dorset Arborists?

The sound of chainsaws – the smell of freshly-cut wood – the sight of a tree stump removal – there’s nothing quite like it. But, even if you’re not an arborist, leave tree surgery to our experts and rest easy.

Dorset Arborists know when you’ve got a tree stump removal job that there is no room for error. We offer our highly skilled tree surgeons to deal with your problem from start to finish, quickly and efficiently.

Our tree surgeons are all NPTC qualified and have years of experience, so you can sleep easy at night knowing that your stump removal job will be dealt with by the ultimate professionals. 

If stump removal isn’t what you need, we also offer a wide range of other arboricultural services such as hedge trimming, crown neatening, tree felling, pollarding, fruit tree pruning, emergency call-outs and much more.

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Let Dorset Arborists take care of your tree stumps today. No tree stump removal is impossible for our tree surgeons. This includes, but is not limited to, stumps that are above ground level, in rocky terrain, or buried under thick vegetation.

No job is too big or small for our tree surgeons in Dorset. 
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