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Welcome to Dorset Arborists, your reliable tree surgeon in Ferndown for all your tree care needs in the Dorset area. We are a team of highly experienced, NPTC-qualified arborists in Ferndown dedicated to providing top-notch tree surgery services right at your doorstep. From tree pruning and hedge cutting to emergency call-outs and specialised tree services, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions designed to ensure the health and aesthetics of your green spaces.

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Expert Tree Surgery Services in Ferndown

At Dorset Arborists, your trusted Tree Surgeon in Ferndown, we provide a comprehensive array of tree surgery services custom-made to address your distinct tree care needs. Be it regular maintenance or immediate emergency call-outs, our accomplished team of arborists is just one phone call away from solving your tree surgery problems.

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Residential Tree Services

At Dorset Arborists, your top-rated Tree Surgeon in Ferndown, we offer residential tree surgery solutions to ensure your garden and exterior environments flourish in their finest form. We cater to homeowners across Ferndown, Poole, Bournemouth and the Dorset area with a host of services such as tree felling, crown elevating, crown thinning, stump removal, hedge trimming, tree assessments, and beyond. Our mission revolves around maintaining your trees’ vitality and harmonising their appearance with your property’s overall charm.

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Commercial Tree Care

We also provide a wide range of commercial tree care services. These services are perfect for property managers, schools, universities, and other businesses in Ferndown, Bournemouth and Dorset. We do everything from site checks and clearances, care for protected trees, to regular maintenance. All to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for your business or commercial space.

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TPO Application and Advice

Do you have trees on your property under a Tree Preservation Order (T.P.O)? We’re here to help.

Our team at Dorset Arborists, your local Tree Surgeon in Ferndown, can guide you through the T.P.O application process. We’ll give you expert advice on caring for your protected trees and keeping everything in line with local rules. We’re here to ensure your valuable trees are well-protected and properly cared for.

Our Exceptional Tree Surgery Services in Ferndown

At Dorset Arborists, we’re proud to deliver a wide array of expert tree surgery services to our valued clients in Ferndown and other areas within Dorset. Our seasoned arborists bring together their vast knowledge, extensive experience, and top-grade tools to tackle any tree-related task with meticulous precision and utmost care.

Tree Pruning

Proper tree pruning is essential for maintaining the health and aesthetics of your trees. This involves removing specific branches or stems to benefit the whole tree. Our expert tree surgeons in Ferndown understand the needs of different tree species, ensuring effective pruning that stimulates growth, improves tree health, and enhances landscape aesthetics.

Garden Clearance and Site Clearing

Overgrown or unkept gardens can become a burden and even a safety risk. Our garden clearance and site clearing service ensures your garden is clean, tidy, and safe. From removing unwanted vegetation to clearing after a storm, our team leaves your space ready for your next gardening or landscaping project.

Professional Hedge Cutting and Crown Work

Maintaining well-cut hedges and crowns not only enhances your property’s curb appeal but also promotes plant health. Our professional hedge-cutting service keeps your hedges neat, healthy, and manageable. Our crown work, including crown thinning and neatening, improves light penetration and air circulation, contributing to the overall health and stability of your trees.

Stump Removal and Tree Felling

Stumps can be an eyesore and a hazard in your garden. Our efficient stump removal service eliminates this problem, making your garden safer and more attractive. Tree felling is a complex process that should only be handled by professionals. We ensure safe and controlled tree felling, minimizing potential damage to your property.

Emergency Tree Care

Mother Nature can be unpredictable. When storm damage threatens the safety of your property, our emergency call-outs provide prompt and professional service to mitigate risks. We swiftly and safely deal with storm-damaged trees and fallen branches, prioritizing your safety and peace of mind.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit trees require specific pruning techniques to encourage productive growth. Our tree surgeons in Dorset are highly knowledgeable about the unique needs of various fruit tree species, ensuring they deliver the best yield and remain disease-free.

Dead Wood Removal and Pollarding

Deadwood can pose a risk to property and people, especially in high winds or storms. We safely remove deadwood to enhance tree health and safety. Pollarding is a pruning system involving the removal of the upper branches of a tree, promoting a dense head of foliage and branches.

Experts In Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a complex and risky process. Our tree surgeons in Ferndown have extensive experience and expertise in safely and efficiently removing all kinds of trees, minimizing any potential risk to your property.

Dorset Tree Surgeons You Can Trust

At Dorset Arborists, we happily extend our tree surgeon services across Ferndown and many neighbouring areas. Our services aren’t limited to but include:

Ferndown, Bournemouth, Poole, Wimborne, Southbourne, Christchurch, Sandbanks, Bere Regis, Wareham, Ringwood, Upton. We’re always ready to assist with your tree care needs even in surrounding locations. Not certain if we reach your area? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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